Air/General Purpose Hose
Multi Purpose PVC
Petroleum Hose
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I.D. (in.)

W.P. (psi)




J-4510 1-1/2"
thru. 8
150 psi PVC w/Synthetic fabric Red PVC Heavy Equipment Pump Water discharge
J-4502 1-1/2"
thru. 8
2" 85 psi PVC.W/Polyester Yarn Blue PVC Lay Flat -Water Tranfer
SP-W145 1-1/4 thru 6 2" 40 psi Clear Smooth PVC Corrugated Static wire Pneumatic powder, pellets and granular materials. FDA Standards
K-K General Purpose

3/4 thru 8

2" Full Vacuum
65 psi
Smooth Clear with green helix Smooth PVC Wellpoint, Liquid fertilizer, Construction 150 Deg. F
K-G Medium Duty Transfer 1-1/4 thru 12

Full Suction 150 psi

2" Inch Tube

Smooth PVC
Cover;size 3/4 thru 5in smooth and 6"& 8" Have a convoluted cover for flexibility.

  Construction and mining,
wellpoint systems
jj-S/D4450 1-1/4 thru
12 in

Full Suction & 150 psi

EPDM smooth EPDM wire Helix,ozone resistant

Construction Water pump discharge,Agriculture.Salt Water.

Nylair 44 Water Discharge Hose Nylair 44 Water Discharge 1/2 to 10 75 to 200 SBR Black; SBR Medium-weight water hose or most service (up to 180°F).
Transporter® Water Discharge Hose

Transporter® Water Discharge

to 6






Black; EPDM

Extremely lightweight, flexible, easy to handle. Ideal for irrigation and construction applications.

WD-150 Water Discharge Hose

WD-150 Water Discharge


1 to 6





Black; EPDM


Heavy-duty hose suitable for construction sites, work boats and mines, where abrasion resistance and higher working pressures are required.

PVC Water Discharge Standard Duty Hose

PVC Water Discharge Standard Duty

1-1/2 to 6

40 to 75


Black; PVC

Blue; PVC

Economical, standard duty PVC water hose can be used in open end discharge service for water, sewage, mine acid water, etc. Will not rot or mildew, resistant to oils and grease, rolls flat for easy storage.

BF-10 PVC Water Discharge Hose

BF-10 PVC Water Discharge


1 to 6

35 to 110



Blue; Co-extruded PVC with polyester reinforcement.

Lightweight and economical PVC water hose for open end service in mining, construction, agricultural and industrial applications.

Transporter® Water Suction & Discharge Hose

Transporter® Water Suction & Discharge
(17834, 17830)

1 to 6


100 to 200




Black; EPDM

Lightweight and flexible, designed for contractors and agricultural use. Rated full vacuum.



1/2 to 1

100 to 150




White; NBR/PVC

For open-end washdown service in food processing plants where service is not too severe. Resists saturated steam pressure of 40 psi (287°F), in open end service. Available with straight or tapered end.